Microsoft Windows 11 Home

Original Microsoft Windows 11 Home. Are you looking for a fresh and better way to experience your computer? Look at Microsoft Windows 11 Home! With new features and a stylish new style, Windows 11 Home is the ideal way to upgrade your computer.

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Are you looking for a fresh and better way to experience your computer? Look at Microsoft Windows 11 Home! With new features and a stylish new style, Windows 11 Home is the ideal way to upgrade your computer. Additionally it comes by using Microsoft Edge as your default browser, you’ll be able to enjoy speedier and safer browsing. So why put off? Purchase Microsoft Windows 11 Home today!

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Windows 11 Home features

Microsoft Edge: Get things accomplished faster using Microsoft Edge. With built-in tools like note-taking, tracking prevention and a reading view, Microsoft Edge is the ideal browser to get things accomplished.

Microsoft Store: Microsoft Store Microsoft Store is the single-stop source for all your computer requirements. From hardware to software to accessories The Microsoft Store offers everything you require to get maximum performance from your computer.

Snap Layouts: Snap layouts enable you to quickly and easily arrange your windows. With just a few clicks they can organize your windows side-by-side or place them on top of one the other.

Desktops: Desktops enable you to make separate spaces on your computer for various tasks. With several desktops, you can keep your work and your personal life separate, and quickly change between them.

Microsoft Teams: Microsoft Teams is a chat-based tool for collaboration that lets you easily join with colleagues and other coworkers. Through Microsoft Teams, you can chat, connect and collaborate on projects with your colleagues.

Voice, Touch, and Pen Experience: Windows 11 Home is created to provide an easy and natural experience. With the ability to use pen, touch and voice input, you’ll be able to quickly and easily complete tasks.

Widgets: Widgets let users to quickly access tools and information on the desktop. Through widgets, users are able to check the weather, prices of stocks and much more without having to open an additional application.

Gaming: Windows 11 Home is the ideal operating system for playing. It supports the most recent gaming hardware and games it gives you the best gaming experience.

Windows 11 Home Security features

Device Encryption: The device encryption can help secure your data by encryption it. By using device encryption your data is secured even in the event that your computer is stolen or lost.

Firewall & Network: Network protection and firewalls The firewall and network protection protects your data from malware and hackers. With firewalls as well as network security, you information is secure from being accessed and accessed by insecure users.

Internet security: Internet protection helps keep your data secure from threats online. Through internet security, you can ensure that your information is safe from being accessed and accessed by non-authorized users, as well as from being infected by malware.

Secure boot: Secure boot can ensure that your PC is not altered. Secure boot ensures that your PC is safe from being booted into an unapproved operating system.

Windows Hello: Windows Hello is a security function that allows you to sign into your computer using your fingerprint or your iris. By using Windows Hello, you can ensure that only you have access to your computer.

Windows Security: Windows Security is a security option that protects the PC against malware as well as other dangers. By using Windows Security, you can ensure you are safe from the most recent threats.

System Requirements:

1GHz or higher processor

1GB RAM (32-bit) or 2 GB RAM (64-bit)

16GB of free storage space on the hard drive (32-bit) (20 GB (64-bit)

DirectX 9 is a graphics device running an WDDM 1.0 or greater driver

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